Information for course organizers

Detailed on this page is information for established and new prospective course organizers within the Regenerative Medicine Doctoral Program.

Current deadlines:
5 September 2014 
- deadline for submitting a new or revised course syllabus in KIWAS for a spring semester 2015 course.
Each course must have an established syllabus that specifies the number of higher education credits, the intended learning outcomes, examination formats etc.

12 September 2014 - deadline for entering a course occasion in KIWAS for the spring semester 2015 (if you have an already approved syllabus).
Prior to each semester the course occasions are created in KIWAS and linked to the course syllabus. In the course occasion specific information is entered, such as date, location, selection criteria and which doctoral programme the course is to be part of. Entering the course occasion in KIWAS is obligatory for the course to be published in the KI course catalogue.

New courses
Proposals for new courses within the program are welcomed. We are especially interested in proposals for web-based courses, courses with student based learning activities and practical courses (techniques etc).
For more information, please contact the Program Coordinators (contact information under Contact) for more details.

Pedagogy for teachers
The course organizers in the program have regular meetings where pedagogical matters of their courses are discussed with pedagogical experts and program cooordinators. Course evaluations from all courses will be thoroughly examined and evaluated using the SOP shown below to improve the courses accordingly. If requested, we  can assist with pedagogical advice and training.

Pedagogical experts have been and are continuously invited to our discussions and we
 work with collegial feedback. We have had a pedagogical education with all
 course organizers where we discussed pedagogy, individual courses, progress of the  program and new ideas for improvements for future courses and programs.

Discourage cheating
To discourage cheating, it is important to work preventively. We encourage
 the course organizers to use the web-based tool Urkund, which is an
anti-plagiarism system, in their teaching.

Important documents and files:
Information for course leaders RegMed
Final report RegMed
KIWAS guide for course organizers
KIWAS lathund för kursgivare
Reply form example
Post docs at doctoral courses
LADOK report
Reimbursement doctoral courses
Undervisningsarvode KI
SOP for Evaluation RegMed program

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