Structure and organisation

Educational program
The program consists of 2 education levels; an advanced and a specialised level.

The advanced level will provide you with tools to handle research issues and offers perspectives, and methods commonly used in the subject.

The specialised level focuses on specific research areas, covering different fields in regenerative medicine, from how to culture cells to physiotherapy.

The set-up of the program, with the two levels of education, aims to facilitate deeper progressive learning, as students you will enter the program and first attend the advanced level, and finally select courses from the specialised section.

The pedagogical approach for all courses is student-based learning. In brief, the courses are planned so that the intended learning outcomes are well aligned with the learning activities and examinations. We will continuously renew and introduce new pedagogical activities into the courses.

Moreover, each year we will distribute an evaluation form to each of our registered students to enquire about their opinions of the program, and if additional activities are required or should be introduced/deleted.

To enhance the interaction between students, teachers, and researchers, yearly we will invite doctoral research students together with several teachers/experts to a scientific retreat. Here you will have the opportunity to present your own research. Plenty of time will be allowed for in depth discussions on individual topics, and this will hopefully provide a forum to discuss new ideas for improvement and continuation.

As students, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a seminar series that is arranged by the Research Networks Tissue and Motion and Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM). Here you will come into contact with both National and International Researchers.

All participants must be registered PhD students at Karolinska Institutet to attend the research program.

All students at doctoral level are eligible to partake in the courses within the program. All courses are applied for centrally through the official KI application forms at Karolinska Institutet. It is possible to choose whether to attend a varying number of courses or whether to follow a large part of the program.

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